Need travel advice, Central America?

We are planning a vacation to Central America likely in February and early March of 2011. We have been to Mexico three times including the Mayan Riviera, Cozumel, Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido, Zihautenejo and Acapulco and this time we are looking for something different and less-touristy, albeit still within Latin America given the warm to hot weather at that time of the year and the ease and low-cost of travel from North America. We are independent travellers and we ideally would prefer to rent our own transport rather than be lugging bags on and off buses. We are middle of the road travellers who don’t require five-star accommodations but won’t stay in hostels. I’ve always been accustomed to staying in very nice places for $50/night. I was initially considering Costa Rica for our vacation due to the wide variety of things to do and landscapes. After some research (travel guides and internet) I have found that I am absolutely shell-shocked by the suggested accommodations and meals costs in C.R. which appear to be far higher than Mexico and essentially on par with the U.S. I have also read several times that driving in C.R. is not advised due to poor roads. I am also now considering Panama but according to what I’ve read there appears to be much less to do there. Can anyone provide any advice on Panama and if it would be as enjoyable as C.R. for a 2 to 3 week holiday, or for that matter any other destination in the region? Note that we’re not interested in Guatemala (as I do want to spend part of the holiday on the beach), El Salvador (too scary) or Belize (waaaaay too expensive). Anyone have any comments on Honduras or Nicaragua in comparison to C.R. and Panama, and in particular if they’re suitable for the independent travellers who only know the most basic of Spanish?

Well I’ve been to both Panama and CR, but CR is waaaaaaay more enjoyable if you guys are looking for a real getaway. Panama is got big cities just as any country. CR has big cities but they’re kinda more rural (all tho you can find the fancy stores & everything else). But there’s no point of comparison if you guys are considering nature, there’s a bit of everything in CR.

Certainly some roads aren’t quite made for us used 2 driving in perfectly paved roads. That’s completely true, but they’re not that bad either, at least not for me.

Accommodations are certainly big ticket items if you’re considering the big resorts, but if you choose to go with the smaller ones prices aren’t that high. Food… I think it’s reasonable, I mean, I’ve no complaints. In fact, Panama may set you back larger bills for food, because they use US $, and the exchange rate for Costa Rica’s currency is great (I believe it’s called colon).

I’d certainly advise you guys to go with CR, it’s just paradise, they’ve got a bit of everything.

Hope that helps!! Enjoy… pura vida

Why must “suits” be worn on beaches in the USA?

Any place I’ve been in the world except Saudi Arabia, Iran and Indonesia do not require people to wear "bathing suits" like in USA. Even in Muslim countries Egypt and our neighbor Canada it is legal for women to go topless. Is because of the Puritan influence still ahold in the US or do the manufacturers of bathing suits keep these archaic laws on the books to sell more suits?

Actually the laws against topless sunbathing are state laws. There is no Federal law against it, and on a beach in my area within a National Park system nude sunbathing is allowed in designated areas.

Best beaches for sand volleyball in Mexico?

Hi and thanks!
I’m an avid volleyball player looking for a beach to pick up some co-ed games. I don’t have a set destination in mind and I will be traveling in late June. I’m looking for a place I can play throughout the day, if possible. The following destinations pop up in volleyball conversations on the web:
Puerto Vallarta
Playa del Carmen
Nuevo Vallarta

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

Playa del Carmen for sure. Hang out by the Blue Parrot and you should find plenty of other ball players

Will the oil spill affect the beaches in Cozumel, Mexico?

I am going on a trip to Cozumel in August this year, but i was debating on cancelling it because of the oil spill. I heard right now the current is taking the oil towards the U.S., but could that change? Especially with hurricane season beginning?

Neither will have any effect on the Maya Riviera. Ocean current simply do Not travel in that direction. God help the southern US if a hurricane brews anytime soon . That could turn some cities into oil slicks.
It is known as a” Loop Current”
In a worst case scenario the slick could carry on through the Keys and then up the coast to Newfoundland before turning toward Europe

Where are the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean for Honeymooners?

My fiancé and I are looking for a location for our 2 week honeymoon in September. The most important thing to me is a flawless beach with white sand – something visually stunning and pristine. We want to spend one week at an all inclusive type resort, and another week at something a little more private/exclusive. We want to go somewhere that is adults only, 4 or 5 stars.

I’ve been to resorts before with mediocre, small beaches. I want to go to one that will take my breath away with its beauty. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

My favorite is the 7 mile stretch of white sand that meets the cliffs and caves of Negril Jamaica but there are many others. Check out my link onthe best Caribbean Beaches.

Where in South America should we go on our Honeymoon in August or July?

We are getting married at the end of June. We want to take a fun vacation with beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere. Brazil seems cool but it is very expensive to fly there. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks for your help! One place we have been thinking about it Cartagena…

As this is the Caribbean section, you might get more answers on a S. American section. Good luck!

What South American country has the best beaches and night life?

For my 21st birthday(which is in december) my mom is taking me and my friends on a trip and we get to pick where…I’m thinking s. america because it will still be warm around new years. I’m a beach girl…but I obviously want to party since I will be celebrating my birthday!!!! Any advice on what country/countries we should visit?? Or should we just cruise around the area??

Mexico is in north america by the way. I would say Rio De Janeiro Brazil , Colombia , Tobago, Montanita in Ecuador, Salinas in Ecuador ,

Hey "Kerstin Von whatever" Look it up Mexico NORTH AMERICAN !!! you might want to change your statement before too many people notice.

What are the best family beaches along the east cost of the usa?

My family and I are planning a summer vacation and we’d like to go somewhere warm,sunny and wet so my husband suggested a beach, but we don’t know where to go. We live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we’d like to go somewhere with some sort of campground near walking distance to the beach, resterants near by, and clean. Cost or location does not matter as long as it’s along the east cost. We went to lake erie last summer and it was very dirty. Thank you all who take the time to answer and happy holidays!

Hilton Head, south carolina is great. It would be more for a family that likes to camp and the outdoors.

Myrtle Beach is nice too, but it is way more built up than Hilton Head. It is busier and much more commercial.

Both are nice though!

Has the oil from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill made it to the Florida beaches yet?

I live in New Orleans and I have a vacation planned in June to go to Panama City Beach, Florida. I was wondering if anyone knows the condition of the beach’s water, sand and smell.

Destin Area Expert is a spammer all his websites are connected please report him. He posts all his websites in all of his answers. Also stop telling people we aren’t getting oil to sell your hotel business – forecasts ARE NOT GOOD.
As for your question:
Right now we have no spillage but we have smelt some of the burning oil and it smells horrible.
Right now no one really knows what will happen until they resolve the leak issue. Really what is going to happen over the next few months during hurricane season if they don’t clean it up.

St. John: Where Natural Wonders Flourish

St. John, the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a pristine, protected wonder that offers undeveloped stretches of paradise and unparalleled beauty from its lush interior all the way to its white sand beaches. While many travelers pencil it in as a daytrip from the bustling and more commercialized island of St. Thomas, the only way to truly experience this Caribbean jewel is to stay along its shore and spend your entire vacation seeking out its hidden treasures.

Highly-regarded and consistently voted one of the best beaches in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Trunk Bay is so breathtaking that it is almost indescribable. The heart-shaped bay is lined by striking white sand and turquoise water so crystal clear that disrupting its calm and scenic splendor seems like a sin. While you will certainly find the usual suspects for activities, including swimming, sunbathing, and scuba diving, snorkeling is by far the most popular due to the underwater, self-guided trail located near the shore.

If Trunk Bay is the shining star of the island, then Caneel Bay is a full moon that radiates a soft glow over the north shore. Accessible through the Caneel Bay Resort, visitors will find seven beautiful beaches on 170 acres that are perfect for swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing. In addition to these spectacular bays, you can also try Honeymoon Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Leinster Bay, and Salt Pond Bay to escape the crowds and relax on a secluded, private strip of sand that is adjacent to the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Since many of the beaches are part of the Virgin Islands National Park, which covers more than 7,000 acres and 60 percent of the island, access to more than soft sands and eternal sunshine is almost always at your fingertips. Although the beaches are the featured attraction, hills, valleys, and tropical rainforests are all begging to be explored on the miles of hiking trails that tell a story of history and survival. Be sure to check out the Bourdeaux Mountain Trail, which leads to the highest point on the island; the Cinnamon Bay Nature Trail, home to sugar plantation ruins; and the Reef Bay Trail, always popular for its forest lands, petroglyph rock carvings, shimmering waterfall, and sugar mill remnants.

If you find that you have a little down time during your stay, be sure to visit Fort Berg (or Fortsberg) and the Annaberg Ruins. The Fort Berg ruins, located on a peninsula that juts out into Coral Bay, represent the site of a 1733 slave revolt that was viciously put down by soldiers. The Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins, located on Leinster Bay Road, offer a glimpse of the equipment and labor needed to run an 18th century plantation in addition to breathtaking views of the shoreline.

Although St. John is known as being a sleepy island compared to St. Thomas, there is a small commercial center on Cruz Bay and friendly locals are certainly willing to help you along your travels. The laid-back atmosphere and abundant attractions make it easy to never explore another island, but if you feel compelled to journey across the water, you can hop aboard one of the ferries that regularly commute from Cruz Bay to Red Hook or Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas.

With unspoiled beauty around every corner and the warm waters of the Caribbean an inviting attraction, St. John is an island that requires your undivided attention. Rather than jumping from one island to the next, surround yourself with St. John’s lush mangrove forests and sparkling white sand beaches in a vacation rental. St. John vacation rentals offer relaxation at all hours of the day and place all of the picturesque activities and attractions of this island paradise just steps outside your private patio. Live like a local with St. John rentals and experience a getaway that surpasses all of your wildest expectations.

Jen W.

Cape Coral, Florida: Where All your Worries Disappear

Featuring a wide variety of recreational pursuits in addition to easy access to the gorgeous beaches of the Fort Myers area, Cape Coral, Florida is the perfect place for a sun-filled getaway. Whether you want to kick back in solitude along the Gulf or enjoy a relaxing family vacation, Cape Coral has everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable retreat.

When most individuals think of vacation destinations along the Gulf of Mexico, they usually imagine lying in the soft sand of a pristine, sparkling beach. While Cape Coral does offer access to some of the best beaches on the coast, it is more than a one attraction wonder. A well-known and highly regarded venue, the Sun Splash Waterpark is ideal for a family adventure with its two dozen wet and dry attractions scattered across 15 acres. Whether you prefer a mellow tube voyage around the park or want the white-knuckled excitement of a ride down the five story twisting tube slide, this water park will certainly put a smile on your family’s faces.

A favorite attraction among nature enthusiasts, the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve offers numerous ways for visitors to explore the wonders of the area. Casual hikers and walkers can take a stroll through the mangrove forest and make their way out towards the pier over the Caloosahatchee River while the more adventurous can rent a kayak or canoe for a day of exploration. A kayak or canoe rental allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife of the preserve, including alligators, manatees, jumping mullet, and numerous others, so if you feel up for the heart-pounding challenge, be sure to add this to your itinerary.

With the gorgeous weather along the coast, no trip to the Cape Coral region is complete without a round on a picturesque course. The Coral Oaks Golf Course is a public beauty that features spectacular natural surroundings complete with oak-lined fairways and lush, rolling terrain to provide a challenge for every skill level. A well-rounded family outing awaits at the semi-private Cape Coral Golf & Tennis Resort, where tennis lovers can work on their backhand while duffers take on the manicured fairways and undulating greens of this par-72 wonder.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit, you are sure to find a festival that will help you appreciate the local flavor of the area. Late-March marks the arrival of the Sounds of Jazz festival, where soothing sounds waft from the riverside, while summer brings the Red, White & Boom! Festival, a jaw-dropping fireworks display on the Fourth of July, and the Red Fish Challenge held each August. Winter favorites include the Festival of Lights celebration and the annual Boat-a-Long festival, where boats decorated in bright lights cruise into the southern canals.

For those who simply cannot resist the call of the sand, an adventure out of Cape Coral is your best bet. While Cape Coral beach is small with fine sand, the brownish water from the Everglades and mangroves make it a less than desirable place for a waterbound excursion. Fortunately, the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are comparable to Caribbean jewels where swimming, sunbathing, boating, windsurfing, fishing, and water skiing are all in style. Some of the area beaches to consider include: Bonita Beach Park, where an action-packed day is always readily available; Fort Myers Beach, perfect for a family-oriented day along its sprawling sands, and Lover’s Key, which is a romantic and delightful hideaway that abounds with natural beauty.

With all of the excitement in and around Cape Coral at your fingertips, a vacation rental is the perfect way to experience everything you love about this stunning area. By staying in a Cape Coral vacation rental home, you can enjoy all of the amenities and comforts of home during your retreat and when you are ready to take on nature’s beauty, a day of amusements and outdoor adventures is just steps away. Relax on your sun-soaked deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico or enjoy a refreshing dip in your private pool. Whatever you can imagine during your getaway, spacious and convenient Cape Coral FL vacation rentals make it easy to experience the trip you always wanted.

Jen W.

Odessa, Ukraine. Traveler’s Attractions

Would tourist attractions, Odessa lifestyle model and entertainment in Odessa really matter for a single backpacker? Since the very moment you take a look at Odessa Map, it would give you a single and definite answer. Odessa is the city known for its humor, the most beautiful women in Ukraine, rich story of the whole nation. Yes, right, not just the city, but a separate nation. As long as Moscow and Riga is supposed to be the separate states with separate governing system, Odessa is one of the kind to be included as the #3 in this hero-cities chain.

So, the first question from a “touristo” is: Where to stay?

The answer is… Try Odessa accommodations (hotels, apartments, hostels)

A few 4* hotels to name are: “Palladium” (Italians blvd., Kanatna str.), “Odessa”, former “Kempinski” hotel (Sea Port, near Potyomkin stairs) and popular among tourists “Arcadia Plaza” (one of the youngest hotels), that is close to the sea coast, night clubs and just beautiful and lively Fountain area in Odessa.

Rating: good quality, each room accommodate up to 3 guests, price – European standard.

Odessa apartments (privately owned, compact and convenient, furnished, equipped). By now Odessa apartments has got the most accommodations rating from tourists due to inexpensive prices, yet high standards and privacy.

Rating: high quality, high rating, accommodate up to 5 guests, prices vary dependable upon the accommodation level. Apartments have chambermaid service (weekly or, upon request), laundry and extra linen.

Odessa, the multinational city

Odessa counts over 1 million inhabitants. In general, the city is multinational and counts Bulgarians, Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians (the natives).

Odessa changes, Odessa grows and modernizes, Odessa blossoms and recreates as a “new generation” resort. Large monumental history (as many monuments not a single one of the European cities would possess), yet it would sound quite amazing when you see quite a few casinos around, 4*- 5* restaurants that would compete in quality and price volume in the entire world. So, who said Odessa is a Soviet place?

Odessa – a good place to gamble and eat? Now, further more…

Odessa restaurants (to name only a few) are Steak house (meat and wine) – #18 Deribaska str; Buffalo ’99 (European) – #7 Richelievska ( corner Deribaska); Estrelita (Italian) – #1 Yekaterinska str.; Sushi time (Japanese) – Lustdorfska road (Tavria); Hong Kong (Chinese) – Gavanna str. corner Deribaska; Mexico (Mexican) – Glushko str; Katran (Seafood) – #13 Mayachniy per; Koumanets – Lanzheronovskaya str. (corner Gavanna). Average level of receiving guests – homely manner, good food quality, friendly staff, credit cards accepted.

A few words to say about Odessa sights and night life not to forget what most of the backpackers come for: Shevchenko Park (cultural area); Sea coast; Potyomkin Staircase (mostly referred as the battle spot), Primorskiy Boulvd, Deribaska str; 411 Memorial Battery (dedicated to WW2, The Great War of 1941-1945); Dolphin park – Lanzheron beach; Arcadia beach & Night clubs; Preobrazhenskiy Monastery; Literature, Archaeological, Western & Eastern Arts Museums; Opera House, Russian Drama Theatre, Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Philarmony. And all of the places still remain the same as they were in Soviet age which every mature Odessan recalls with a warm smile on their face.

Let’s talk about night clubs. Yo; Fidel; Palladium; Hali Gali. Average age attended: 18-45, face control enabled. Establishments are mostly friendly and hospitable. A good place to dance, POP and electron music lovers.

Bowl/billiards places: Odin; Mexico; Profy – 24/7 service. Playing tables reservation, bars, saunas, exotic massage starting from Russian ending up Thai and Chinese techniques.

And, at last, beaches. We know a few now and let’s sum up our nice tour with the most sceneric areas of the coastal area. Arcadia; Delphin; Gold Coast; Karolino Bugaz – resort area, entertainment base, hotels, summer night clubs, pools. Shrewd Odessans will make you feel comfortable as long as you have the budget set up.

Destination guides also recommend the following sights Sofievka, Uman park; Ascania Nova, wild animal reserves; Vilkovo, Odessa Venice (excursion includes boat walks, meat and champagne lunch and some rest times to spend with the locals).

Bottom line for Odessa attractions. Odessa in Ukraine has been always noticed about in various, still fun and amazing in Memoirs by Isaak Babel, Vorontsov (whose stone monument remains standing high above the Odessa buildings), who’s put a lot effort into architecture and building of the hero city of Odessa.


Kayaking in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are islands in the Caribbean Sea so there are myriad opportunities for kayaking. However for those who do not want to contend with large waves, ocean swells and ocean currents, Trinidad and Tobago offers a choice of sheltered saltwater and freshwater kayaking opportunities. In this article we will explore some of these kayaking areas.

Nariva River, Manzanilla, Trinidad

Nariva, on the east coast of Trinidad, is Trinidad and Tobago’s largest wetland with some 32 square miles of fresh-water herbaceous swamp. It combines four major wetland types (mangrove swamp forest, palm forest, swamp wood and freshwater marsh) and has been formally designated a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. The bulk of the water from the area drains into the Atlantic through the short tidal Nariva River.

The Nariva River provides a year round opportunity for kayaking and empties into the sea at Manzanilla Bay. There are two easily accessible entry points; at the river mouth and at the bridge along the Manzanilla/Mayaro Road that spans the river. When entering or exiting the river at the river mouth during low tide care should be exercised to ensure that you are not swept out to sea, as the flow out of the river can be quite strong. Along the river it is possible to see basking caimans, while tarpon (known locally as grande ecaille) are sometimes seen near the surface of the water.

The Nariva Swamp is home to an incredibly diverse range of reptiles, mammals and birds, some of which are rare and endangered. There are over 171 species of birds in Nariva, including manakins, tanagers, antbirds, caracara and woodcreepers. There are 5 species of Parrots (including Macaws), 2 species of owls, 2 species of trogons, 11 species of hummingbirds, potoos, toucans and limpkins. It is within Nariva that the blue and gold macaws have been reintroduced to Trinidad. There are 59 species of mammals that can be found in Nariva including red howler and capuchin ( Cebus albifrons) monkeys, deer, porcupine, three-toed and silky anteaters and opossums. Trinidad’s last surviving colony of the West Indian Manatee are located within Nariva. Also to be found in Nariva are various reptiles that include giant anaconda, the fer-de-lance snake and caiman.

Ortoire River, Trinidad

At the southern end of Manzanilla Bay, the Ortoire River empties into the sea and it is also provides a year round opportunity for kayaking. Apart from the entry point at the river mouth, another easy entry point to the Ortoire River is alongside the bridge that spans the Rio Claro/Mayaro Road on the outskirts of Mayaro.

Godineau River, Trinidad

The Godineau river is also known as the South Oropouche River. Kayaking in the Godineau area takes you through a variety of habitats, from saltwater mangrove swamp to fresh water marshland to partially cultivated areas. A variety of birdlife can be seen on these kayak trips including Scarlet Ibis, Southern Lapwing, Osprey, Savannah Hawk, Wattled Jacana, Cattle Egret, Yellow-hooded Blackbird, Lesser Yellowlegs, Black-bellied Whistling Duck and a variety of migrating ducks (during the northern winter).

The Godineau River is one of the rivers in Trinidad that provides a year round kayaking opportunity as the water level is always sufficient. This kayak trip can be started either from the sea along the area known as the Mosquito Creek or inland from the Woodland area.

Marianne River, Blanchissuesse, Trinidad

The Marianne River empties into the sea at Blanchisseuse and it is easiest to begin your paddle from the river mouth. This is not an extended kayak trip for most kayakers as upriver there is an area known as Three Pools that results in a somewhat difficult portage. Kayaking in this area is best towards the end of the rainy season as the water level is high enough to allow paddling for the entire trip. During the dry season there are parts of the river where the low water level requires walking the kayaks.

At the river mouth freshwater marsh vegetation exists along the banks of the river while freshwater swamp forest exists further inland with towering stands of bamboo. As you kayak along the river a variety of bird life can be seen including spotted sandpipers, kingfishers, gray kingbirds and striated herons.

At the river mouth, kayaks are available for rental every day, all year.

Fullarton, Cedros, Trinidad

The entire Cedros peninsula is a bird watching experience. The Fullarton Swamp is ideal for the armchair birdwatcher. The road from Fullarton Village to Icacos Village runs through the center of the Swamp and so it is possible to literally view the birds without leaving your vehicle. Greater enjoyment however comes from parking the vehicle and entering the water, allowing you to see many of the smaller birds that may be perched in the mangrove. The presence of the roadway makes entering and exiting the water very easy. In this area among the birds that can be seen are Greater Egret, Scarlet Ibis, Black Skimmer, Black-necked Stilt, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Yellow Hooded Blackbird, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Yellow Chinned Spine tail, Common Moorhen, Snowy Egret.

Chagaramas, Trinidad

Williams Bay, Chagaramas provides kayaking opportunities in relatively sheltered ocean waters. In the bays on the coastline opposite the Military museum it is sometimes possible to see marine iguanas on the rocks and in the sea and capuchin monkeys in the trees.

Kayak Rentals are available every day all year from the Kayak Center.

Another kayaking opportunity in the Chagaramas area begins in the area of the Almoorings Fishing Depot/Crews Inn Marina. From this starting point it is possible to kayak along the coast to the Bocas or turn south and paddle to Centipede island and then across the channel to Gasparee island.

When paddling in this area one should be alert to the various power boats that are entering and departing from the various marinas, particularly on weekends.

Charlotteville, Tobago

Charlotteville is located at the end of the Windward road in Tobago, this small quaint village lies in a bay with Tobago’s best deep water harbor. It is bordered by the lush greenery of high mountains on one side and the sparkling blue waters of Man-O-War bay on the other. This wide deep bay was once an anchorage for English fighting ships, as the name implies. Today it is used as a sheltered anchorage by visiting yachts. The northern part of the bay is called Pirates Bay, which gives an indication of its past. Several fringing reefs are found in this bay providing the sheltered anchorage. Kayaks are available for rental at the bay.

This bay is a turtle nesting site.

Buccoo Bay, Tobago

The azure waters of Buccoo Bay and the Bon Accord Lagoon are sheltered by the offshore Buccoo reef, providing a kayaking area with only gentle swells. Kayak rentals are available at the nearby Storebay and also at Pigeon Point. The fringing Mangrove swamps of the Bon Accord Lagoon provide a scenic contrast to the white sand beaches along Pigeon Point and at the center of Buccoo bay. The offshoots of the reef also shelter the adjacent Milford Bay, allowing one to kayak to the south-east from Bon Accord Lagoon around Pigeon Point and into Milford Bay or vice-versa.

When next you are considering your vacation activities, consider the kayaking opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago.

brian ramsey

What To Get On A Beach Honeymoon

The beach is probably the best place to spend your honeymoon. With best beaches offering world-class services, beach honeymoon can be the most ideal setting of your first days as couple.

Now, here are the things you can get on a beach honeymoon:

White sands, long coastlines, and velvet beach – These are the primary reasons why you and you wife (husband) want to spend your honeymoon at the beach. An afternoon walk at barefooted on endless white sands and the spectacular site of the sun vanishing across the horizon keep many couple attracted on a beach honeymoon. The endless beach with crystal-clear waters gives you reason to stay.

World-class hotels and resorts, and accommodation – Whether you choose to go to Hawaii, Fiji, Miami, or one of the countries in the Caribbean or South America, you can get to stay at world-class hotel with lots and lots of pampering and superb services. One good thing about beach honeymoon is that, you will never have any problem with accommodation since many beach destinations are packed with at least one of the best hotels and resorts in the world. Hawaii for example has the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. The Caribbean has The Palms – Turks & Caicos. Plus, other beaches have private islands where you can stay one a villa for an ultimate private experience.

With world-class hotels come the world-class accommodations. Hotels and resort feature unique amenities. These may include, private pool, luxurious suites, spa and fitness centers, personalized services, breakfast in bed, romantic dinner, and the best view of the sea at the balcony of the hotel room.

Great food – Since you are at the beach, you can expect that you get the freshest fishes. That is not all. There are lots of gourmet restaurants available inside a beach hotels, resorts, and local diners.

Water sports – If love windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, kneeboadring, jetskiing, sailing, parasailing, and everything that involves open water and wetsuits, only the beach experience could give you those. With beach honeymoon, you have the options to do some or all of these activities.

Underwater activities – if you spend your honeymoon at one of the top beaches in the world, you are assured that you can witness the underwater world larger than life. Most top-beaches have diving sites. You can either go for snorkeling or take one some scuba for dive.

Low Jeremy

Wailea Beach Villas and Other Useful Maui Vacation Info

If you are looking for a great vacation where you dont need a passport, or to exchange money, and place where you dont need a translation book. Then end your
search at an unforgettable Maui vacation.

The Biggest Towns in Maui:
1. Kahului
2. Wailuku
3. Lahaina

In Maui, there are 81 accessible beaches. 39 have public facilities. Sands may be white, gold, black, salt and pepper, green or garnet, due to ancient volcanic activity. Wailea beach is in South Maui. Crescent-shaped and protected on each end by black lava points, the waters of Wailea Beach are exceptionally calm, with light waves that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling (and gentle enough for children.

The beautiful views of the island are seen from a luxury family resort the Wailea Beach Villas. Sunsets and pristine beaches; soothing and melodic waves are everyday sights and sounds for the duration of a stay. Wailea Beach Villa Condos are luxury for United States tourists as well as tourists from other countries. Canadians are frequent and satisfied visitors of this beautiful destination. Most take in the beautiful views from their private lanai while you enjoying coffee in the morning or favorite wine in the evening.

When asking staff on site what is one thing that distinguishes the Villas — ‘Exceptional privacy and security’– tends to be an overwhelming message. This gated community will offer 24-hour security, as well as exclusive access to individual residences through private elevators.

At the Wailea Beach Villas, condos are available for rent for luxury accommodations. Spacious rooms and elegant furnishings are all accessible in every luxury vacation rental. A dream gourmet kitchen with every accoutrement. Of course, there are many great restaurants to enjoy in Wailea Beach. Outside find tropical gardens complete with tiki torches, pools, and waterfalls and fitness centers. Visit the spa and shops (shops at Wailea) nearby; take leisurely moon lit walks on the beach.

‘We are planning our next trip to Maui in February 2009 during school’s winter break and have already booked the same unit for our stay! We loved Wailea Beach Villas!’ — David French said, after returning home from his stay with his family.

December through April is prime whale watching time, and Wailea Beach has some nice vantage points. Rent equipment from the nearby resorts, but prices are much better at places like Snorkel Bob’s or the Maui Dive Shop.

The beautiful Pacific Ocean is steps from the door to swim or surf at Wailea Beach. If, Wailea Beach doesn’t sound right in luxury or paradise then consider the enjoyment of the other 80 exquisite beaches. Rent a car for the freedom of self-guided tours at your own pace or sign up for the many tour packages. Rent a bicycle and enjoy the sights of the island.

Which could include the following five popular sights to visit:

1. Oheo Gulch Kipahulu
2. Hana Highway
3. Waianapanapa State Wayside Park
4. Alau Island
5. Kula Botanical Gardens

Destination weddings are popular, and, if you are planning a wedding, this might be the perfect location for ceremony and guests. Combine your special day and your honeymoon in one romantically beautiful destination. You and your guests can look forward to a tropical Maui vacation. You will find this is an excellent choice for family vacations or a place to gather friends from far and wide.

Some of the free wedding sites or low in cost would be among the beach parks or coves. The best ones are located on the South and West sides of the island. The weather is perfect and the scenery is incredible. There are no fees for these grounds and no reservations are necessary, therefore you might run into other weddings going on at the same location.
Some Popular wedding Locations include:
1. Kapalua Bay
2. Kaanapali Shores
3. North Maluaka Beach
If you feel luxurious and romantic weddings which require a helicopter ride to a remote destination make for a memorable Maui wedding.

No matter the occasion luxury in paradise can be obtained anywhere on your Maui Vacation.

Gabe Gayhart

Timeshare: Top Timeshare Travel Destinations

Everyone would think that top timeshare travel destinations would only be in coastal states like Florida, North Carolina, Cancun (Mexico) and South Carolina. But you would be amazed to find that even places like Nevada, California and Minnesota are vying to occupy the top timeshare destination spot. Also the rocky mountain states of Arizona and Utah are also not far behind. Each of these destinations has some special traits which attract visitors from all over the world. Not to forget the kind of amenities these destinations offer which makes them a crowd puller.

Talking of Florida, one destination that immediately strikes everyone’s mind is Orlando. It is considered to be the most favorite family destination in the world. Home to some of the world’s largest and most popular entertainment companies it has number of wonderful theme parks to surpass the expectations of families across the globe. The unlimited and impressive list includes Disney World Resort, Universal Studio’s Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Millions of tourists around the world are overwhelmed by the joy and excitement offered by these resorts. Daytona Beach is also one of the world’s most famous beaches with nearly twenty three miles of beach front. It offers visitors a chance to experience sailing, surfing and jet skiing. Many competitions take place round the year here.

When thinking of vacationing who can forget Cancun, Mexico which is know for its white sandy beaches, great weather, bright blue sky and outstanding hospitality. One can get attractive timeshare packages and vacation discounts here.

Next on the list is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This destination is popular for its mild climate round the year. It offers excellent golf courses and cruises with the experience of watching dolphins. One of the main attractions of Cancun is the swim with dolphins feature and interactive aquariums. It is also home to many world class resorts. It also offers best of night life with many bars serving free drinks also. Nearly four million visitors pay visit to Cancun every year.

One can never ignore California when it comes to tourism industry. While Anaheim is home to Disneyland providing greatest excitement and pleasure and offering great discount on timeshare accommodations one cannot return without visiting San Francisco and experiencing its magic. The list of attractions include Fisherman’s Wharf ,Ghirardelli Square, Coit Tower, the mansions of Pacific Heights, world’s biggest Chinatown outside Asia, Union Square, world renowned landmarks like crooked Lombard Street. Night life is one of the greatest. One can go hiking also in Muir Woods and taste world’s greatest wines. Cable rides, Pedi-cabs, Pier 39 etc. there is fun unlimited in San Francisco offering you the complete experience of your lifetime.

Las Vegas, Nevada is not far behind any other timeshare destination as it offers visitors the 360 degree of entertainment. It is second to none in providing the ultimate in fun and excitement. It is the casino capital of the world and wouldn’t be wrong to call it the night capital of the world. Whatever one can think of, Las Vegas has it and that too the greatest of them all, big hotels, big casinos, big convention halls, big malls and what not. You only some good cash in your wallet if you visit this place and rest assured you will get the fun of your lifetime.

Nicholas Tan

Consider a Panama Time Share

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in panama. There is an abundant flora and fauna found in Panama property. This is because of the tropical climate. The climate and the weather conditions promote the growth of trees and flowers the likes of which are rarely found in the rest of the world. The natural climate and the landscape of this country are most brilliant with people from all over the world looking to settle done in the country. The sea offers plenty of sports like surfing, swimming water skiing etc. This makes Panama real estate a Good holiday spot. Also sports like gliding and sky diving can be done in the country owing to its natural landscape and accommodations. For those with adventure in their hearts, this country will not disappoint you.  Panama real estate can be considered the home to adventure. People who are looking for a good adventure will find ample such opportunity in Panama real estate.. Much is done to take care of the security of the tourists. The major population of Panama speaks English. Also most major languages of the world today are spoken in Panama. This means that it is easy to blend in with the society of Panama and as tourists you will have no problem in finding your way around. Tax benefits are also one of the biggest reasons why people move to Panama property. Your earnings may be outside Panama but you come here to spend it. You will not be taxed. This is a great advantage to European settlers and others who can take advantage of the currency exchange and conversion rates.

While you are holidaying in Panama property you should consider getting a Panama time share. This is because today there is massive development in the Panama real estate. There are many Panama property that is available for time share. These are not only cheaper than the properties that are available from the resorts but you also have complete freedom to do what you want in these properties. Panama being a unique destination in the world is open to all sorts of tourists. You can book your time share in advance before coming to Panama so that you can have a completely relaxing time in your rented Panama property. You will not only save money while doing so but you will also see how easy it is to explore the country without having the need to bother with travel agents. You can experience the culture of the country first hand without any hassles. The culture of the country is diverse and English is one of the most commonly spoken languages there. Therefore you will have absolutely no problem in finding your way around the place. There are many sources that you can use to get your timeshare Panama property. You can choose the best property in the beaches and or even in the mountains with the help of the right agencies. These services will help you to get the property that you want at the most reasonable price so that you can have a great time in your vacation.

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An Exotic Travel Guide for your Next Vacation

From time to time everybody needs to get away from it all, to forget about their day-to-day work and to recharge their physical and emotional batteries. And what could be more refreshing and alluring than engaging in some exotic travels and visiting the holiday destinations of your dreams? Here’s an exotic travel guide for your next vacation and I am sure that no matter which destination you’ll choose, you’ll come back reenergized and revitalized, with a lot of unique memories.

If you have never traveled abroad, I’m sure that there are countless exotic travels that you would like to make. Choosing only one could be a tough decision, but fortunately now you can find on the Internet a lot of information about every possible destination in the world. This exotic travel guide will just help you to make an idea about what kind of vacation will suit you and your family. Maybe what you dream about is to relax in the hot sun all day long and to go swimming in blue, warm waters. Or maybe you are more interested in historical artifacts or the cultural aspect of a place. There are exotic travels for all kinds of persons and tastes; you just have to carefully choose them!

Maybe Caribbean travels are the most popular exotic travels ever, because when it comes to vacations that are all about having fun in the hot sun, nothing can compare to these islands. This is why they must be included in every exotic travel guide. Caribbean vacations have thousands of things to offer to every tourist: clear blue skies, crystal clear seas, lagoons, volcanic mountains, tropical forests, shallow beaches, palm trees, mangrove swamps, sand dunes, colorful coral reefs, huge rock formations, waterfalls. You may choose what most pleases you from this wide variety of landscapes: if you want to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I strongly recommend you to choose Aruba, but if you want to explore the rain forests, you will be completely satisfied with Puerto Rico. A Caribbean vacation can offer you the exotic travels of your lifetime: lovely beaches, exotic food, risky explorations, an unspoiled heaven full of joy and most pleasant surprises!

I must confess that the exotic travels of my dreams are the trips to Asia, the mother of countless myths, religions, cultures and stories. Destinations like Japan, China, Bangkok, Singapore or Thailand are recommended by every exotic travel guide, because of the unique experiences and memories they offer. Japan, the land of the rising sun, is the most hi-tech country of the world, but it is also famous for its beautiful villages, ancient shrines and romantic getaways. Bangkok and Singapore are incredibly beautiful places and if you are a fan of sightseeing, you will surely be thrilled to visit them. Thailand is one of the most appreciated destinations of the past few years, because it is a country of untamed jungles, elephants, buffalos, exotic trees, vines and bamboos, but you will also find there a lot of modern hotels and conveniences. If you prefer destinations which combine unique landscapes and interesting culture and history, China could be the right choice for you.

Last but not least, our exotic travel guide invites you to a trip to Greece, where you will find seacoasts and mountains, ancient architecture and great shopping opportunities, coexisting in an amazing mixture of ancient and modern culture. The traditional food is mouthwatering, the seashore offers fantastic views and the architecture is extraordinary. Places like Athens, Crete, Sparta, Rhodes or Corinth don’t need any introduction and they should be included in every exotic travel guide.

Amelie Mag

where should I travel in the caribbean or south america in august?

I want to do fun things and be near a nice beach. I have some money but def not going 5 star style. Does anyone have any help for me?
I am sorry I guess I should have mentioned. I live in fl. I have been to cancun, puerto rico and bahammas. I am looking for somewhere a little different. I have been looking into Aruba??

First of all scratch South America in August. Remember that South America is the Southern hemisphere and August is their winter, i.e. cold months. I guess you were thinking Rio for August but forget that.

Aruba is great in August, great beaches and it is below the hurricane zone so the likelihood of a tropical storm is extremely low. I have been there a couple times. Its an arid island, not green like other Caribbean islands. Its windy most all of the time, about 15-20 mph. But that’ s good as it counteracts the humidity; keeps you cool. There’s not a lot to do in Aruba other than beach stuff. Some good restaurants, a few casinos, and good beaches with all types of water sports.

If you really want something different then fly to Hawaii, and plan to stay on or visit Maui. Great beaches, different entertainment, good nightlife, and good activities. You can do the 35 mile downhill bike ride.

Where are the Pirate-themed rooms at Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Hotel?

If you’ve been there lately, or work there, do you know if the pirate-themed rooms at the Caribbean Beach hotel are located only in certain buildings (like Trinidad, Martinique, etc), or are they spread out between all the buildings at the resort?

Trinidad South is where they rethemed the rooms.

Here’s lots of pictures from a stay there:

Affordable Living and Retirement in Nova Scotia, Canada

If you’re budget-minded, don’t mind a bit of cold weather (or are seeking the perfect warm-weather retreat), love seafood, and have a historic mindset, then Nova Scotia is the place for you.

During the late 19th-century, Nova Scotia beckoned a select group of wealthy families, who traveled by train and steamer to their grand seaside Victorian “cottages” from New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other industrial hotbeds.

Little has changed in 100 years at this summer colony in the North Atlantic: The atmosphere is still somewhat staid, unhurried and family-oriented. The pristine coast is uncrowded and less developed than anywhere in North America; the real estate still costs just a fraction of that in the United States and Europe.

Nova Scotia, located on Canada’s Atlantic coast east of Maine, is shaped like a lobster with its claws grasping toward the remote province of Newfoundland and its tail pointing in the direction of New York and Boston. Latin for “New Scotland,” Nova Scotia is named for its resemblance to the homeland of some its first European settlers. The Scottish print on this land is large, but so is that of the Irish, French and the British—with each culture having left its mark.

About half the size of New York State with a population just under a million, Nova Scotia boasts 3,600-miles of craggy shoreline sprinkled with scenic fishing villages and quaint small towns. Long a destination for vacationers and retirees from throughout Canada, in recent years, the once sleepy region has been attracting American and European transplants with its seductive beauty, rich history, slow pace, proximity to the United States and, of course, affordable real estate.

Perhaps nowhere in Nova Scotia is the official label “Canada’s Ocean Playground” more pronounced than on the South Shore. In the heart of this region along Nova Scotia’s picturesque Lighthouse Route lies White Point Estates, a charming oceanside residential community developed amid White Point Beach Resort & Country Club—once a private lodge for well-heeled outdoorsmen. On prime oceanfront fringed by white sand beaches, lush woodlands and a flowing river, White Point, is a microcosm of the best of Nova Scotia. With its laid-back historic ambience and hypnotic water views, the new seaside enclave seems almost too good to be true.

In the midst of a sprawling 159-room resort with lodges and private cottages and a 9-hole CPGA-rated golf course to boot, White Point offers a variety of lots to build on. They range from 3/4 of an acre to roughly 2 acres and are priced starting at $45,000. Building lot choices offer something for everyone; including gently-sloping wooded spreads and stunning oceanfront (and waterview) sites. Here, in-the-know expatriates and Canadians are buying lots to build vacation and full-time residences in an area where they will rub elbows with cosmopolitan transplants, tourists, seafarers and locals. So far, a handful of lots have been sold, but given their prices and the accompanying amenities, including a a host of services and recreational opportunities, they are sure to go fast. And, White Point will work with you through every step of the home-building process.

Sales of vacation and future retirement properties in places like White Point Estates are booming, real estate specialists say. Cost-conscious and city-weary arrivals from afar increasingly seek respite and new starts in Nova Scotia. No wonder the maritime province is increasingly lighting up the radar screens of those searching for an affordable alternative to traditional vacation, second home and retirement retreats, where rising home prices have left many priced-out of the market.

Since the media—including the likes of Consumer Reports, International Living and CNN—have begun to rate Nova Scotia among the world’s best places to vacation, live and retire, property costs have risen as much as 50% annually in some areas of the province. Yet despite the price increases, property here remains a fraction of what one would pay for similar real estate back home. And with enticements like some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, a relatively temperate climate (winters are milder than the northern U.S.), and a low profile, stress-free lifestyle far from the rat race, wars and terrorism, it’s easy to see why life looks so good under the Maple Leaf.

For details about White Point Estates, visit or contact Doug Fawthrop at 902-354-2711, ext. 370 (toll-free 800-613-2171), e-mail:

Getting There

Nova Scotia is close enough to the U.S. and Europe that you won’t get jet lag getting there. The capital Halifax is a 2-hour flight from New York; 6 hours from London. Portland, Maine, from which the 5.5-hour ferry departs to Nova Scotia, is about a 90-minute drive from Boston. For ferry information, visit:

Where to Stay

White Point Estates offers a Site Inspection Package (couples for $159 weekdays; $199 weekends), allowing prospective buyers to visit for two nights at White Point Beach Resort while exploring all that the community has to offer. To reserve a tour, call 1-800-613-2171.

Shannon Roxborough

Great Activities to do on Tropical Islands

Tropical islands provide a wide range of activities for vacationers. Depending on what you’re interested in, there is an island in the world for you. The number of activities available for vacationers depends on the size of the island and its location in the world.

Most islands offer the standards: snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and kayaking. Larger islands such as Bali, Hawaii, and Reunion offer many more activities such as hiking, jungle trekking, wild life safaris, and surfing. In fact, surfing is a widespread activity on many of the largest and most popular destinations in the world. Surfing is a very physical sport where beach goers learn to ride the waves and stand up on a board. It’s very hard but a great work out and lessons can be done very cheaply. For those who want something less challenging, you can always go body boarding. Body boarding is when you get a small board and lay on it, letting the wave take you in. It is very fun.

Jungle trekking allows people a chance to see the local flora and fauna and get out of the sun for a day. However, it is only the larger islands, most notably the ones in the pacific region, that offer this activity as many other islands in the world tend to be small and don’t offer the extensive amount of jungles and wildlife that these large islands can. Some of the best islands to hike around include Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Bora Bora, Reunion, and Cebu. You’ll be able to work up a great sweat for when you come back, taking a cool refreshing dip the ocean.

By far the most popular activities involve the ocean. Vacationers look forward to exploring the ocean and seeing the vast reefs and abundant fish that inhabit the waters beneath the surface. Some of the best diving in the world can be found in the Seychelles, the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, and Australia. For those not interested in scuba diving, there is always snorkeling. Snorkelers simply float on top of the water with a mask and fins and stare down and look at the wildlife below.

For adventurous people, you can go sailing or fishing. Many tropical islands offer sailing tours to see dolphins or whales and sunset trips for couples and honeymooners looking to add romance into their trip. You can rent on or have someone take you out. For those looking to fish, you can also rent a boat and head out into the ocean to catch dinner. A lot islands offer deep sea fishing where you can catch “the big one.” You’ll be able to eat for a week when you do!

Beaches offer a wide variety of activities beyond just getting a tan. For those interested in traveling to islands, it’s important to thoroughly research the type of beach activities you want. For those looking to just relax, you can build sandcastles, get a massage, order some fruit drinks and just get a tan. While the majority of islands can accommodate your needs, for those looking for more active island adventures need to look for large islands or large chains of islands so you can get a wide variety of activities to do.

Matthew Kepnes

Mexico Now Ranks Seventh in International Tourist Arrivals

Mexico’s ranking among the world’s countries in international tourism arrivals increased from eight to seven last month according to World Tourism Organization figures, Tourism Secretary Rodolfo Elizondo recently announced. Approximately 21.9 million international guests arrived to Mexico in 2005.

Tourism providers are rushing to meet the increasing demand for service. For example, there are currently 23 new flights to Mexico from the United States, and Canadians can count on an additional three flights to Mexico.

“More and more leisure and business travelers are discovering the many benefits of a Mexican vacation. Our country not only offers visitors beautiful beaches, an almost endless array of cultural destinations and many exciting adventure tourism options, but Mexico does it all while providing tourists with great value and gracious service,” said Elizondo.

Sectur reports that Mexico’s tourism industry was responsible for generating 1.9 million direct jobs in 2005, up 3 percent over 2004 numbers. With the tourism sector so favorably impacting the country and its people, Mexico invests considerable time and effort in developing it.

The Mexican government has a comprehensive, long-term tourism plan in place to guide its efforts through 2025. The plan’s goal is to consistently increase both the number of international visitors and the amount of tourism revenue.

About the Mexico Tourism Board
The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) brings together the resources of federal and state governments, municipalities and private companies to promote Mexico’s tourism attractions and destinations internationally. Created in 1999, the MTB is Mexico’s tourism promotion agency, and its participants include members of both the private and public sectors. The MTB has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

FOR PRESS ONLY: For additional ideas, help with a story or general travel and tourism information about Mexico, please contact the MTB’s North American Press Room directly at 1-800-929-4555, by e-mail at, or visit our press Web site at To access an online warehouse of free, downloadable b-roll, visit


Erick Laseca

Sun, Sea and Sand

Much of Bulgaria’s appeal as a tourist destination rests upon the coastal region, with it beautiful white-sand beaches, unspoiled nature and large stretches of protected coastline. The Black Sea coast combines perfect sandy beaches with clear, warm water, mountain slopes sweeping steeply into the sea and thick forests offering cool shade during the hot summers. Facing east, it extends for over 378km, dotted with fishing villages and resorts on extensive beaches covered with fine golden sands, the majority of which have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for their environmental cleanliness.

Temperatures in summer fluctuate between 23ºC and 30ºC, with water temperatures of between 17ºC and 25ºC. There are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September, and more than 300 in July and August. Given this combination of factors, it isn’t hard to explain why this region is becoming the preferred spot for more and more tourists, yet few know that the Black sea coast is also one of the best spa areas in Europe, where the sea, mineral baths, hot springs and curative mud add to the possibilities of your holiday enjoyment. Visitors have a large selection of activities to choose from, including yachting, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling, underwater fishing and many other sports and aquatic pursuits.

To the south, the coast becomes flatter and wilder, with the thick forests of the Strandza Mountains contrasting breathtakingly with numerous cosy beaches extending between the jutting rocks of the mountain. Settlements here are characteristically small and picturesque.

To the north, the coast is steeper, though more developed in terms o tourism facilities, while the views down to the sea are unforgettable. The region also contains the main tourist destinations for foreign visitors, such as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, the letter being the largest resort with the longest and widest strip of beach. Its hotels look out over the sea among dunes and it is known as the sunniest resort in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has been inhabited since time immemorial, with earliest records dating back to the 5th century BC. Situated in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera and stretching along a beautiful semicircular bay facing eastwards, this region is protected from northern climes by the descending ridges of the Balkan Range, thus blending sea and mountain in perfect harmony. Further south is a small peninsula on which the ancient town of Nessebar is located, an architectural and historical monument of Bulgarian culture.

Today, the narrow peninsula of Nessebar is one of Bulgaria’ most delightful tourist sports, as the tiny town attracts nearly a million visitors a year to its narrow cobblestone streets, which wind among quaint 19th century wooden houses, their tiny courtyards filled with fig trees and vine trellises.

The popularity of the Bulgarian coast and sea resorts has grown rapidly in recent years, following the fall of communism and the opening of borders to foreign tourists. The tourism industry has since developed into one of the main drivers of the national economy, with year-on-year double-digit growth rates in the number of tourists visiting. Bulgaria offers a budget alternative to more expensive European resorts, while quality of service does not fall behind Western European standards in the high-class resorts. With natural beauty and a fascinating culture, coupled with surprising quality and value for money, Bulgaria has much to offer.

Jolis Eltilib

Best Time Share Deals – How To Get Them

If you want to go in for time share property, searching for the best deal is a key to be free from pain caused by travel planning.

Time share deals assure security by doing away with financial troubles because the vacation becomes prepaid before traveling.

Such a deal allows you to get on lease, a vacation in a time share resort which you like. It makes you enjoy the amenities provided at your favorite vacation spot which you would prefer to visit again more conveniently.

You can scout for the tools necessary to expand your opportunities regarding time share deals at a click of your mouse button. You can explore the internet to arrive at the best time share deals. As the industry trading time share and renting has grown phenomenally, there are a number of web sites that deal with the opportunities available in time share dealings

Benefits of the proper time share deal

Time sharing is a way of paying for your vacation in advance. The ownership or hire of a resort for the whole of a year can prove costly compared to the price paid under timeshare deals. This is the main factor that makes people support this industry. Time share also allows you to own a property during a specific period of year.

Some of the other benefits that accrue on buying time shares deals are you can spend your vacation in a resort of your liking. Many resorts across the world offer time share deals. As much as 5000 time share resorts provide such deals in ninety countries across the world.

You will be given treatment like an owner even if you buy a property through time share deals. This will cost you less when compared to the price paid if you rent the same property. Condominiums, which is the most common time sharing unit, comprises bedrooms and other amenities like kitchen with home appliances like fridge, iron, washing machines, televisions, DVD and CD players.

Under any time share deal, the size of the condo units is so big that they permit you to bring together your friends and family. Its setting allows a minimum of 10 people to sleep.

Time share deals include condominiums that come with kitchens. This enables cooking your food at home even while on vacations thus saving up to $100 per day. If you want to relax completely and enjoy your vacation of your dreams, time share resorts provide you with personal chefs who attend to you in your unit. This service, if required can be availed by making an additional payment.

Time shares deals like these are one-time deals which can be sold to or exchanged with other investors. You are always free to choose the feasible time to sell time shares property you have invested in, to someone else. It is worth mentioning that time share resorts do not assure any money back. Therefore it is always advised to sell or exchange the share for a new property.

If you are eager to take a decision, note that today there are about 4.5 millions of time share deeds owners across the world who have acquired time share deals and enjoy its benefits. It is the fastest growing industry in the world as well as the same in travel industry during the last decade.

Time shares deals are proffered by big companies. Some of them are leading companies like Marriott, Hilton, Disney, star wood and Four seasons have offered many time shares deals to various investors.

Consumer legislation supports your legal rights, obligations and responsibilities in almost 50 of the states in the US. The laws that are followed by the country ensure absolute protection to time share dealings and ownership.

These deals are based on your choice of resort, exchange season, time of vacation, type of units, number of bathrooms, bedrooms and usage of the services. The price being paid for acquiring or disposing time share properties are also influenced by a number of factors. In case of intervention by real estate companies, the professional fees that you will be paying will be based on the company’s discretion.

Once your time share has been closed, you have all rights and benefits to celebrate your vacation in the place of your choice.

Irrespective of whether you wish to visit the sunny Caribbean beaches or the powder packed slopes in the Swiss mountains, time share deals come in handy and ensure that you enjoy your dream vacations without much worry about your financial status. Start making decisions regarding the vacation spot and time immediately. Deals on time shares are to cater to your traveling needs.

Abhishek Agarwal

Folly Beach Vacation Rentals

Folly Beach is an island wonder that is tucked between the boundless opportunities of the Atlantic Ocean and the spectacular beauty of historic Charleston, South Carolina. In a place where southern hospitality harkens back to a simpler, less stressful, time, you can leave all of your worries on the mainland and become one the laid-back locals in a Folly Beach vacation home rental.

While most people know Folly Beach as the closest sandy wonder to Charleston, and the perfect place for a day trip, this six mile long barrier island is an entertaining and inviting vacation destination in itself. With extensive ocean frontage and soft sandy beaches, it is the perfect place to throw down a towel and experience adventures beyond compare. Swimming, sunning, jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking are always on the menu, while fishing from the Folly Beach Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier is a local favorite for not only the big catches but also the stunning views of the “Edge of America.”

If the beaches aren’t enough to draw you in, or you think that Folly Beach is still only good for a day of excitement, then consider the scenic beauty and utter relaxation that await when you venture away from the everyday. The little pleasures in life, such as strolling the sand at sunset and watching the dolphins frolic in the waves, take center stage and the lack of tourist attractions becomes a gift since you can then focus on the great outdoors. When you spend your time appreciating your surroundings, rather than scurrying from one activity to another, only then can you truly enjoy your time away from home.

Although some people can spend their entire vacation at the beach, most of us need that little something extra to keep our attention and complement our other activities. Charleston may not seem like anything little when you read about its many historical wonders, and it certainly isn’t, but it is the perfect side note for an all-around amazing trip. By combining the beachfront adventures of Folly Beach with the striking houses, museums, and plantations of Charleston, you can get everything you always wanted out of a coastal South Carolina getaway in addition to a little more relaxation than you imagined.

With Folly Beach and Charleston so close together and each offering different forms of beauty, you may not think that it makes a big difference where you make your home base. However, Folly Beach is the logical choice for anyone who wants to escape from the crowds that flock to Charleston, which is considered one of the top places to visit in America, and surround themselves with a serene beach setting. In a Folly Beach vacation rental, stunning ocean views, gentle breezes, and endless waterfront entertainment are at your fingertips and all of the comforts of home only serve to make your stay that just more convenient.

Folly Beach vacation rentals are also the perfect option for soaking in the southern charms of this quaint island. As you become acquainted with the slower pace of life, you can take advantage of all the little things your home away from home has to offer in the way of relaxation. The private patio and rocking chairs are perfect for ending the day on a high note, while the sights and sounds of the dolphins, pelicans, and ocean are an arousing alarm clock and invigorating way to begin your morning. Meals on the screened in patio and evenings around the cozy kitchen are just the beginning of fulfilling family getaway where you always feel right at home.

Picturesque, entertaining, and always an adventure, Folly Beach is more than just a place to swim in the ocean and enjoy the delights of Charleston; it is a distinct and charming city where beautiful scenery comes to life and waterfront excursions always seem just a little more perfect along its lovely shoreline. Whether you need to getaway from it all on an island paradise or you simply want something slightly off the beaten path, Folly Beach and its many vacation home rentals invite you to experience a one-of-a-kind retreat that is sure to have you coming back for years to come.

Jen W.

Bargains Galore!–25% Discount on Everything in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

By: Jim Scherrer

Well, it appears as though the effects of the mortgage crisis in the US which began in March, 2008 followed by the collapse of the stock market in October, 2008 are finally being felt in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks to the strong Canadian Dollar, tourist expenditures in Vallarta for goods and services, including retirement real estate, held up fairly well for most of 2008. However, during the September/October timeframe, the Canadian Dollar plunged by more than 20%, thus reducing the Canadian purchasing power accordingly. Consequently, both the Americans and Canadians are now hesitant to aggressively invest in anything, especially foreign retirement properties.

The airplanes and cruise boats packed with tourists continue to arrive daily in PV; however the visitors are much more thrifty and prudent with their purchases than they were a year ago. Many of the restaurateurs and shop owners are claiming that sales are down from last year by as much as 35%. The construction of new condominium projects has also noticeably decreased as new sales slow to a trickle.

During the past ten years, Vallarta has literally been a boom town with explosive growth and new construction everywhere. Obviously, many of the developers and entrepreneurs failed to see the oncoming global financial crisis and committed to many long term construction projects resulting in a glut of more than 7,000 new condominiums now on the market.

Finally, with the supply of goods and services, including retirement properties, currently exceeding demand, we are now witnessing a true buyer’s market in Vallarta. Even though list prices for real estate have not dropped noticeably, the developers and sellers are much more apt to negotiate than they were a year ago. The same is true for store merchants and other vendors in the area.

Okay, now that we have a better understanding of how the economy in the US and Canada have affected business in Vallarta, we should have a better appreciation for the North American bargaining position in this beautiful resort destination. Therefore, let’s take it a step further. With the exception of real estate, most all other goods and services in Puerto Vallarta are sold on a Peso basis and therefore we must consider the monetary exchange rate.

The Mexican Peso has held steady with the US Dollar for more than ten years at about 10.8 Pesos per US Dollar. It wasn’t until early in October, 2008 when the Peso precipitously devalued to about 13.5 Pesos per Dollar resulting in a 25% increase in the value or purchasing power of the US Dollar relative to the Mexican Peso.

For those of us fortunate enough to still be holding a few US Dollars, almost all goods and services in Mexico just went on sale! For example, we recently purchased a high-end brand name washer/dryer set, normally priced at $1,300 US, for $1,015 US. Most all grocery and food products, clothing, hardware, and electronics manufactured in Mexico, gasoline, electricity, and other native commodities are also 25% less expensive to those of us holding US Dollars.

Through inflation over time, the costs of these Mexican products will eventually rise until they return to where they were only a few months ago. The one category where costs will rise much more slowly is that of labor. Almost every worker in Mexico just took a 25% reduction in wages relative to the US Dollar! That includes all maids, gardeners, restaurant and store employees, taxi drivers, doctors, architects, engineers, etc. It will probably require several years for the Mexican labor rates to be equivalent to where they were only six months ago.

One very important labor group is that of the construction workers which represents a significant portion of the total cost of retirement residences, all priced in US Dollars. Add their 25% cut in pay to the cost of Mexican concrete and other native materials which also dropped by 25% and you can imagine how that will affect the completion costs of the thousands of condos currently under construction!

Now, with the demand for goods and services reduced relative to their supply and the US Dollar being 25% stronger, you can see the benefit of shopping in Paradise at this very moment; the time for buying your retirement dream could never be better!

As Billy Mays, the famous TV pitchman would say, “But wait, there’s more”! Yes, aside from the 25% savings associated with the Peso devaluation and an increase in willingness of the local vendors to negotiate lower prices (caused by the reduction in tourist consumption brought on by the uncertain US economy and the devaluation of the Canadian Dollar), effective in June, 2008, you now receive a rebate for the 15% IVA tax that you pay on many of your purchases while visiting Mexico.

The 15% IVA or Value Added Tax (VAT) is returned to foreign tourists who can prove they have spent a minimum of 1,200 Pesos (approximately $90 US Dollars) on Mexican territory and who are returning home by sea or air. Tourists now have the right to receive up to 50% of the net rebate, an amount not to exceed 10,000 Pesos (approximately $750.00 US Dollars), in the form of cash; the remaining 50% will be refunded via electronic funds transfer within a period of 40 days.

In conclusion, after being exposed to the past six months of economic frustrations, you deserve to escape from the prevailing gloom and doom. If you have ever considered traveling to or retiring in Paradise, now is the time and Puerto Vallarta is the place! You will find many great values on everything this season; values that have not been seen for almost a decade and may not be available again in the near future. As Billy would say, “Why wait, pick up the phone” and call your travel agent. The weather is guaranteed to be perfect during the months of November through May, the scenery of the Pacific Ocean, the sandy white beaches, and the Sierra Madres is world class, the margaritas are ice cold, and the Mexican hospitality is second to none. So, come on down; you’ll find bargains galore while enjoying the time of your life on the Mexican Riviera!

Jim Scherrer

Mexico Travel Package

There are any number of reasons to look for a Mexico travel package but only on reason that you need, the experience that you and your loved ones can share. With beautiful and romantic beaches a Mexico travel package can also be perfect for a quiet two person package as a romantic gift to the one that you love. Remember that if you have a guest or are not traveling alone you will want to try to accommodate the other person and if planning activities ahead you will want to remember to include activities that interest them. There are many different activities and destination in Mexico to chose from. There are beautiful beaches and wonderful nature oriented opportunities. Some people greatly enjoy being able to take a boat out or even ride a boat there and fish. There are also some well known cities sites that you can visit and enjoy with great food and many memorable sights and more.

When using a Mexico travel package not only is it easier to plan ahead but it is also easier for you to view your options and their prices. One tourist attraction which is also a cheap solution to family fun is a day at the beach, or even a few days. Children are able to play in the sand and make sand castles or swim while adults a teenagers are able to tan, surf, play volley ball or other beach activities. One suggestion that you will commonly be given when booking a Mexico travel package is to not forget your swimsuit because even if you are not planning on going in the water the dazzling beach and brilliant sunrise may just be too much for you to resist.

Jay Wilson

Beach Estate for Sale in Greece

Greece is known to be one of the most beautiful tourist place in the world and it has got amazing luxuries to offer like beautiful sandy beaches, great scenic islands, eye catching water falls etc. all the beaches of Greece have a unique charm which can make you fall in love with them. The luxury of lying under a palm tree on a beach is what one cannot have everyday, but if you own a property in Greece you can surely have that luxury all your life. The warm waters of the Aegean and the pristine white beaches make them the perfect places for holiday, property or as a place to escape it all and relocate. 

Some beaches are well organized and offer many luxuries, while others are very secluded and isolated, and that’s how some people like it. Some offer clear water, some perfectly soft sand, while others are framed by incredible landscape. Because of the abundance of the scenic beaches in Greece, the government has started to sell these beaches to a private buyer for some price and with a contract to keep it maintained. They do not really sell the beach but transfer it to the buyers name at lease for a certain period of time. The people who come first time to Greece are touched by the country’s grandeur and beauty. 

Vacationing in Greece is really very cheap than other European countries so one could really take the benefits of having the privilege osec 30 B chandigarhf living in Greece. A rich and an interested party can also have the privilege of having a whole island to himself and to his pleasure. Having a whole island to oneself can sooth the persons mind and make it stress free from his day to day activities.
There is also a lot to explore in Greece which can be done by hiking and other traditional methods.

Greek Real Estate Holiday Homes Villas for Sale property for Sale Investment Property in Greece Corfu Crete Rhodes Villas in Rhodes and  Real estate agents greece .


Experience An Exotic Costa Rica Vacation

Stories of political unrest, hurricanes, and not-so-tourist-friendly areas have a way of scaring people away from visiting Central America come vacation time. However, you’d be wise to investigate the situation for yourself before crossing Costa Rica off your list. This beautiful, surprisingly quiet and peaceful country has all the qualities that make for an exotic and relaxing trip, so consider this oasis for your next holiday if you’re in the mood for something different yet delightful.

Costa Rica has miles of coastline to take advantage of, so if you want to surf, snorkel, or just laze on the beach you won’t have to look too far. Along this line of thinking, some consider Nicoya Peninsula to be the most beautiful spot in the country. Popular beaches border a tropical yet dry rainforest where agricultural and ranching developments are also found. Fun mixes with authentic terrain here, and you’ll find that the result is almost overwhelming.

Wildlife preserves and parks will acquaint you with Costa Rica’s focus on conserving precious flora and fauna, and you’ll have the chance to catch sight of the world’s largest species of turtle. Northeast of Nicoya are some fascinating caves, and throughout the forests are birds, iguanas, and howler monkeys. Playa Samara, Montezuma and Playa del Coco are all places worth investigating as well if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on the peninsula with time to meander and be amazed.

Internationally recognized for all that it has to offer, Wilson Botanical Garden brims with rare, indigenous, eye-popping species of plants. Grab a map and head out for a self-guided walk or follow a tour guide who will tell you what’s what. Either way you go, you’ll end up dwelling over medicinal herbs, colorful flowers, and an array of birds that will make binocular wearers jump for joy. If you’ve come all the way to Central America, taking in the natural landscape like this is a must.

Surfers will find Costa Rica to be a paradise, and notable places to catch a few waves include Playa Naranjo and Ollie’s Point. Seek out the famous “long lefthander” that the Golfito region is known for if you want a true challenge. Experience both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as you tour the many beaches, and be assured that non surfers will find plenty to do as well. If you’d rather not feel the pull of the tides and the crash of the waves, just sit back and take it all on from ashore.

In a matter of three hours you can go from one side of Costa Rica to the other, so in order to see as much as possible you’ll likely be moving around a bit. If you happen to pass through the capital, San Jose, be prepared for a bustling city that’s a little gritty but definitely worth exploring. Museums, theatres, shopping, and excellent food will all compete for your attention as you navigate the noisy streets that weave through skyscrapers and typical big city sights. The energy is palpable, so you may not find San Jose to be the place to achieve the ultimate feeling of relaxation, but it makes a nice contrast to your quieter escapades.

As you wander the cities taking in the language and the culture or tour the rainforest stretching your neck to view the untamed upper canopies, you’ll be glad that you’ve strayed from the beaten path to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary yet perfectly safe. As you drink refrescos (fresh fruit, sugar and water) after a day of hiking or as you stroll across a black sand beach, you’ll be torn between telling the world about your wonderful trip and keeping it your own little secret. Later you can do whatever you think is right, but be sure to enjoy the peaceful moments as they occur.

As far as where to stay while in Costa Rica, lodging options are plentiful. In the spirit of this distinctive trip, however, you may find yourself gravitating towards a vacation rental. By settling into a house or villa that captures the tropical vibe, offers great views, and provides better than average amenities like a washer and dryer, a covered porch, plenty of closet space, and long-term availability, you might be tempted to leave your old world behind and take up a new identity as a tico (local). Conveniences like being able to walk to the beach without ever feeling crammed into a boxy hotel will be key in contributing to your overall sense of happiness during this well-deserved getaway.

Costa Rica vacation rentals by owner are plentiful and sure to add a little extra something to what already looks like an incredible trip, so go online today and start seeking out the perfect place.

Caitlin Moore

Water Sports in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are the best place for people who enjoy water sports. Whether your own preference is on the water or below it, Caribbean water sports have something to offer you including swimming, waterskiing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and so on.


Snorkeling is probably the most popular of Caribbean watersports because swimmers of all ages can enjoy it. Going snorkeling means getting personal with the wonderful and colorful marine life found in the Caribbean. Due to the immense popularity of this activity, there are many well-marked snorkeling trails across many islands in the Caribbean. Most of the better resorts and hotels in offer snorkeling equipment as well as instruction.

Board watersports

Windsurfing, surfing, and kiteboarding are all forms of board sports. These Caribbean watersports enjoy a lot of popularity because the trade winds in the Caribbean provide unlimited opportunities for them. Kiteboarding is actually the same as windsurfing except that it uses a relatively smaller board. As to surfing, if you are not going to Hawaii then you had better go to the Caribbean. The water is warm, the surf is good, the bays are sheltered and there is always one trade wind or another making waves, what more could you possibly demand? Due to the combination of ideal conditions, the Caribbean attracts surfers from the world over. Instruction and equipment is available through most hotels or through vendors along the beaches.


If you are not the type for on-water or below-water sports then you have this third option among Caribbean watersports. Facilities for training and equipment are available through your hotel or through vendors along the beach. Going parasailing means getting a unique view of the Caribbean with the whole vista of white beaches, clear waters, blue skies, and the wildlife spread below you as you soar on the wind.


Waterskiing or jetskiing has become quite popular recently. Jetskiing is especially very convenient with many people renting jetskis for a single rider experience or wave runners that can take on 2-4 riders at one time. As usual, your hotel or the beach front can offer you the vendors for this Caribbean watersport.

Canoeing and Kayaking

There are several guided tours for people who prefer the calm and tranquility of canoeing or kayaking to the other motorized means of traveling on water. The Caribbean is liberally supplied with mangroves and lagoons.


Spend a day on a powerboat, catamaran, sailboat, or trimraran and enjoy sailing in the Caribbean. You can opt between bare boat and crewed boats and there are even special charters for people who are interested in learning how to sail.

Scuba Diving

If you wish to go a step beyond snorkeling then go scuba diving and you will see yet another unique perspective of the Caribbean. There are several popular diving spots in the Cayman Islands and Curacao. Go swimming with tamed stingrays in Stingray City. Do not forget the Buck Island Reef National Monument that has 250 species of fish.

James Penn

Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Its Calling

In his book The Outermost House, Henry Beston cited carefully, “East of America, there stands in the open Atlantic the last fragment of an ancient and vanished land. Worn by the breakers and the rains, and disintegrated by the wind, it still stands bold.” That still stands true for Cape Cod. Cape Cod with all vigor invites you to the mesmerizing land in Massachusetts. If you are a seasoned visitor to Cape Cod acceptance of this invitation will simply add one more cherishing experience in the memory lane and if you a stranger to Cape Cod, it is time to unleash yourself with this exciting place.

Cape Cod or simply the Cape is an arm-shaped peninsula forming the easternmost portion of the Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. Cape Cod consists of four unofficial portions. The Upper Cape is the section of Cape Cod closest to the mainland. This portion of the Cape includes the towns of Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, and Sandwich. Falmouth is most-used ferry connection to Martha’s Vineyard. The Mid-Cape includes the towns of Barnstable, Dennis and Yarmouth. The Mid-Cape area features many beautiful beaches, including warm-water beaches along Nantucket Sound, e.g. Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, which gets its name from one of the inventors of Technicolor, Herbert Kalmus. Cape Cod’s beaches and dunes lure travelers from all over the world. The Lower Cape is the narrower portion of the cape. This section includes the towns of Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, and Orleans. The Outer Cape is the outermost part, containing the towns of Eastham, Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet. This area is home to some of the most popular beaches in America, namely Coast Guard and Nauset Light beaches in Eastham. The large area of water enclosed by Cape Cod and the mainland seacoast to the north is Cape Cod Bay; west of Cape Cod is Buzzards Bay. To the south lie two large island Nantucket sound; Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. This can explain the area of Cape Cod city.

Cape Cod is well known for its beaches and small Island many of which exhibit light houses. The overall weather in Cape Cod is soothing but the general rise in the number of travelers rises in the summers when it is absolutely sunny. There are a number of good hotels in Cape Cod which suit to every budget so finding one which suits your pocket won’t be a problem in Cape Cod. The restaurants in Cape Cod are well known for the delicacies they server, and it would not be a bad idea to try the continental and also the sea food. There are many budget or discount hotels in Cape Cod which do offer regular facilities like air conditioned rooms, car rentals, airport pick and drop facilities, swimming pools, health clubs, spas, restaurants etc.

So if you have now decided to make Cape Cod your holiday destination this year pack your bags and make the reservations, Cape Cod is awaiting you!


More Than Disneyland

There is more to California than its theme parks and celebrity culture. Sure it’s fun to drive around and see the houses where Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin used to live. It’s exciting to wander in and out of the same stores that your favorite actors shop in or know that you could run into Charlie Sheen at a Whole Foods. But the true fun of California is all of the little out of the way places that you won’t find in most of the guide books.

Fans of independent stores will love shopping for music in Amoeba. Amoeba began in 1990 as a retaliation against the corporate conglomerates that were quickly buying up all of the independent music sellers and replacing them with top 40 chain music shops. Amoeba, unlike its corporately backed competitors, sells new and used music in every format. Yes, you will find original vinyl here. You’ll also find iPods. The original store opened in Berkeley and was quickly followed by a San Francisco and a Hollywood location. If you’re tired of shopping at Sam Goody, you will find a musical Oasis in the California independent music seller: Amoeba.

Orphan Andy’s is quite possibly the best hamburger joint in California and it is located in the Castro district of San Francisco. This is a twenty four hour diner and yes, you will have to wait for a table—even at two in the morning! Be careful, the apartments upstairs frequently have parties and party goers are not careful about where they spill their drinks or flick their used cigarette butts. Orphan Andy’s, in addition to it’s fantastic food, has affordable prices—broke college students can eat here without having to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to afford the bus fare home.

The Egyptian theater isn’t exactly off the beaten path: It’s right on Hollywood Blvd. It is, however, a California classic. It was once one of the most famous theaters in California and was famous for its glitzy movie premieres. Then it went through a period of being “just another theater.” Luckily, it recently went through a restoration and transition period and now it is back to its “old days” glory. It shows older movies and there isn’t a bad seat in the house! You can’t go to California (especially Los Angeles) without partaking of a little bit of Hollywood history!

California also has plenty of natural beauty as well—its mountains and coastline are the envy of everywhere. East Coast residents will readily tell you that the Atlantic Ocean just isn’t as magnificent as the Pacific Ocean. For those who love to hike or bike ride or camp, there are plenty of great places to do just that—the redwoods up north and the surfing beaches down south—California has it all!

This blog entry is sounding a little bit like a love letter to California, and there are already television commercials that do that. The truth is, no matter what the hype: California is worth exploring. Everyone should take a California vacation at least once.

For more information on California, visit and

John Parks

Mexico Timeshare Rentals Offer Exciting Deals

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with crystal clear water and 80 degree days almost everyday, and for most people living in the United States it’s just a short plane ride away to have the vacation of a lifetime. Mexico is known for its amazing Mexico timeshare rentals options where families or couples can rent out timeshares for a week or two at a time to enjoy their vacation. Many of these Mexico timeshare rentals have unbelievable deals for renters as well as hundreds of things to do around them to keep busy and doing a new thing every day if the wanted.

You can’t go to Mexico without going to the beach, the beaches there are some of the best in the world with bathtub like water and hundreds of different types of fish. Swimming or laying out at the beach is always a must during your vacation to Mexico, but if you are looking for something a little more active why not try snorkeling or scuba diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Both of these activities can be done by families with children over that age of eight, and for people who may be hesitant about the water there is almost always a training session in which beginners learn to scuba dive in a pool or in very shallow water before they go out into the deep ocean. This allows people to learn to appreciate the wildlife in Mexico as well as the beautiful reefs surrounding it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up while staying at your Mexico timeshare rentals.

There are also many different types of tours depending on what you are interested in, there are tours of the jungle in which tourists can walk down small trails into the heart of the jungle and into underground caves where you can see different types of rock formations as well as the wildlife living in the caves. This is especially fun for parents with small children because they can learn about geology as well as the animals that live in Mexico. There are also many beautiful golf courses all over Mexico that overlook the ocean; you may forget how to play after seeing some of the beautiful sites that these courses have of beautiful Mexico.

For the dare devil type there are opportunities for people to go cliff diving off scenic cliffs all over Mexico, as well as opportunities to go sky diving or paragliding. If you have never done any of these before this is a great place to try considering the beautiful views that Mexico has to offer.



Charles Joseph

The Dual Benefit of Investing in Brazil Properties

Brazil is a country of natural beauty and vast beaches which offers tremendous appeal to both tourists and investors. The positive attitude of the Brazilian government towards growth and development of the country and promotion of tourism has created a lot of interest of investors in Brazil Properties.

Buying Brazil properties and staying invested can serve dual purpose to the investor. You can reap maximum monetary benefits out of the expected increase in property prices due to the development of the country; and at the same time if you invest in a villa or an apartment or a beachfront house, you can enjoy the pleasure of staying there amidst the vibrant natural beauty of Brazil.

The government of Brazil is employing a very positive attitude towards development of infrastructure facilities in Brazil. With a growing and strong economy, Brazil property prices are all set to increase as there is also a boom in tourism growth in the country.

Currently Property in Brazil is available at a very low rate compared to other European countries and the movement of currency is also in favor of investment in Brazil Properties. Amongst a strong economy, favorable weather conditions, warm cultural conditions with a strong chance of a high capital growth is the main driving factor behind spur in investment in Brazil properties.

Tropical and other inviting climatic conditions along with pretty beaches make Brazil a favorite hotspot for tourists. Two of the beaches in Brazil have made to the list of top ten in the world which has made the number of tourists in Brazil jump many times. The beachfront land, villas and apartments in Brazil provide an exciting investment opportunity and also provide with a retiring and holiday destination to its investors.

It is advisable to invest in Brazil properties in its infancy stage so as maximum returns can be achieved. One who invests in pre construction stage will be the maximum gainer as the prices of properties will multiply once the project is completed. The destinations in Brazil which offer great buying opportunities for properties are Rio de Janeiro, Natal, Bahia, Sao Paulo, Ceara, Fortaleza etc.

An in depth report on Brazil properties, its trends, buying and selling options, property brokers, and professional reviews can be made available from various sites related to Brazil properties on the internet. A thorough research work must be made and proper guidance sough before taking any decision related to buying property in Brazil.

James Scurrah

The Favored Destinations With Cheap Airline Tickets

Couple or family to the seaside or in the bush, for business or pleasure, the pleasure of nature, adventure and romance, transferred or cool calm, embark immediately for dream destinations. Sandro, general manager of the agency Wild Discovery, sheds light on the most favored destinations with cheap airline fare


Historically, Lebanon is a great traveler. For holidays or his work, he does not hesitate to fly. A new trend is increasingly that of resorting to travel agencies that offer all-inclusive packages, which respond closely to expectations sophisticate.

For lovers

What are the most favored destinations this summer? “If we talk about honeymoon, there is a certain enthusiasm for the Maldives, for Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbean … and we are beginning to feel new trends towards the African continent , “Said Sandro.

These romantic destinations fully respond to the atmosphere in which the newlyweds like to bask. The heat of the sun, beaches irresistible, the various activities such as scuba diving to see the sumptuous wrecks covered with corals and sponges and fish and turtles housing, Getaway Sailing, care and massages based marine products … A whole range of services that help welfare lovers …

Starting Family

“With regard to families,” says Saade, the Mediterranean is a popular choice. We speak here of Cyprus, Greek Islands, Morocco, Turkey, Côte d’Azur, Tunisia … Couples have a predilection for Europe: Prague, Budapest, Vienna …, for Central America “.

Cyprus is actually an oasis of relaxation, water and sun for maximum relaxation. Le Meridien Limassol incorporates the only thalassotherapy center interior / exterior of the Mediterranean. Each of the four outdoor pools and three indoor pools has its salinity, temperature and use. This destination is also an ideal spot to observe the seabed exception sublime Byzantine monasteries high poles or hiking in the mountains of Toodos interesting ride for family trips.

In Morocco, where the family adventure for you, you have the choice between a Méharée between dunes, oases and palm groves, the discovery of the most secret of southern Morocco, and the Draa Valley and Dades gorges to Todra , Through the dunes Chegaga, where villages have kept their authenticity … The whole two hours of daily treks on foot or by 4×4, accessible to children as young as six years. Fes and Marrakech, imperial cities, are dreaming. Feel free to explore the valley of roses, from which the greatest perfumes. Your can find cheap airline tickets to morocco in our website.

He added Mr. Saade: “China is attracting more passengers. It is a civilization that passion and that few Lebanese know. This destination that attracts a wide clientele is characterized by its legendary cities, its magnificent views, its culinary arts, traditions and the magic of its modern cities. “

Travel agency: tailor-made services

In terms of services today, customers no longer buy a ticket and hotel packages. They prefer to entrust a professional agency with the task of organizing their stay. The advantage of agencies is the know-how, the selection of hotels that meet the expectations of each client, ancillary services that can only travel. Considering the competition, current agencies in the market trying to offer the best benefits. Thus, for example, Wild Discovery, one of the most dynamic travel agencies in the market, selects nearly every product before selling to the customer in order to offer the best.

“We have on the market, said Mr. Saade, the widest choice of products and destinations. Indeed, this is reflected in the consistency of our Summer 2007 brochure that offers a selection of over sixty destinations worldwide with products that can be customized to customer requirements. Our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises is that the client shall apply to serious signs that have already proved their worth on the market and may, in case of problems, to help effectively and more soon “.
Daniele Gerges

To travel safely

Few things you should know for traveling, enjoy holidays, save time, save money and avoid unpleasant surprises.

-Sooner is better. Indeed, do you well in advance to book your stay and plan your vacation. It means at least three months in advance, but always take care to take out cancellation insurance, given the political instability which lives in Lebanon and that could force you to cancel your stay.

-Choose a travel agency that has a good experience planted. Advantage? It allows you to compose your own package depending on your budget, your tastes and aim at holidays. This also allows you to avoid sacred surprises that can ruin your vacation, if, for example, where you book a hotel room in an you do not know!

-Before you buy a package, it is imperative to review that includes (or not) the price: taxes, insurance activities. Feel free to compare offers and choose not necessarily the cheapest, but for one that best matches your expectations. The all-inclusive formulas are very popular. The global service includes cheap flight, transfers, the hotel but also the activities and some meals.

-Don ‘t Do not hesitate to use the prepaid cards. For some time, partnerships bank weave around the world for reduced rates or even free withdrawals abroad. This saves you from having cash that could be stolen or lost. If you do anyway, exchange your money against the currency of the country of destination in Lebanon, not to lose at the exchange rate.

Casa Annonce

Soul Food Recipes From The Caribbean, Yummy

Soul food recipes come from the earliest inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. They were the three Indian tribes of Arawak, Carib, and Taino. Their daily food comprised of vegetables and fruits. It was the Taino tribe that first started cooking meat and fish, using large clay vessels.

The Arawaks used a different method. They used thin strips of green wood to cook meat more slowly and allowing it to absorb the flavor of the wood. The wooden grate they used was called barbacoa. This is where the term barbeque comes from.

Not to be left behind, the Carib tribe made their fish and meat recipes really spicy by adding pepper sauces, lime, and lemons. In fact, the Caribs are credited with having cooked the first pepper pot stew. The last of the above three has had a tremendous impact on Caribbean food.

This should not be surprising because the Caribbean Sea was named after this tribe. Caribbean soul food recipes are still representative of the food that was originally eaten by the early inhabitants. It includes okra, fish cakes, callaloo, ackee, salt fish, pudding, souse, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes, plantains, and mangoes.

The concept of jerk cooking also originated in the Caribbean. Early African hunters would often leave their homes to go on long hunts. They would take with them pork cooked in a very spicy recipe over hot coals.

In the post slavery era, Indian cooking culture was introduced into Caribbean soul food recipes and still remains an active part of the Caribbean cuisine. Most of the curried meats and curry powder recipes that are found today are directly derived from original Indian cuisine.

Rice was introduced to the Caribbean by the Chinese and is now a staple. The Chinese also unleashed mustard on the islanders while the Portuguese sailors did the codfish. Most of the fruit trees that are familiar to the visitors to the island were actually brought here by the Spainish.

This included orange, ginger, lime, figs, plantains, sugar cane, tamarinds, grapes, and coconuts. America brought with it the various beans, squash, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and chili pepper. In fact, some of these foods spread to the rest of world through the Caribbean.

Caribbean cuisine is truly a mix of several cooking styles from all over the world. It retains much of the original culinary skills of the islands native inhabitants. If you are bored with what you eat daily Caribbean food will cure that.

If you do not have time to go on a lengthy Caribbean vacation then bring the beaches and the sunshine right into your home through your kitchen using a Caribbean recipe. These are but a few reasons why Caribbean food is so unique and creative. Flavors from all over the world have found a home in Caribbean food through countless generations and the flow of history.

Wycliffe Williams

What part of Mexico has the best beaches? Planning to have a vacation with family soon. Any tips?

I would recommend going to the Riviera Maya wich includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Cozumel, and others.. There is so many places you can visit there. I recommend you staying in Playa del Carmen because it’s right in the middle of everything and it’s not quite as big as Cancun but it has enough entertainment. As far as accomodations go, since you’re going with family, it might even be cheaper to rent out a condo or suite. Check these websites out:

Have fun!

Fiji Country Profile For Australian Holiday Makers

If you fly directly east from northern Queensland for 2500 kilometres, you will be over Fiji. Looking down, you would see more than 800 islands – some large enough to hold thousands of people, others are very small. About 100 of these island are inhabited. If you flew down to 1323 metres while over the island of Viti Levu, you might hit the top of Tomanivi, Fiji’s highest peak. South-east of Tomanivi is Suva, the capital of Fiji. Main cities include Nadi, Sigatoka and Lautoka on Viti Levu and Labasa and Savusavu on Vanua Levu.

Fiji was populated for more than 3000 years before contact with white people. Most people living in Fiji had come from other islands in Melanesia, although some came from Polynesia and Micronesia. Villages developed their own traditions and language. Although the Dutch visited Fiji in the 1600s, regular visits from Europeans did not begin until traders and missionaries made contact with the Fijians in the early eighteenth century. This delay was partly due to the reputation of Fijians as ruthless cannibals.

In 1874, Fiji was declared a British colony. The British brought to Fiji many thousands of Indian labourers to work on the sugar cane. Indigenous Fijians resented so many non-Fijians settling in their land, and the British government introduced laws that banned non-Fijians from owning land. Fiji became an independent country on 10 October 1970 with a system of government based on that of Britain.

About 800 000 people live in Fiji. The nearest Australian city in size is Adelaide, with a population of 1050 000 people. Three-quarters of the population live on the island of Viti Levu. Indigenous Fijians make up about 50 per cent of the population, with Indian Fijians accounting for 45 percent. The remaining five per cent are of European or Chinese or people from other Pacific Islands.

Most Fijians live in rural areas, but the number of people migrating to the cities has increased. Life for indigenous Fijians in rural areas revolves around their village. Each village has a chief, who is usually a man. The way of life in the villages is communal, with everybody helping everyone else. Indigenous Fijians speak Fijian and English.

Indian Fijians speak Fijian Hindi and English. Although most Indian Fijian families have lived in Fiji for many generations, their culture remains similar to families in India. Women wear saris, and most marriages are organised by parents when their children are young.

Fiji, like Australia, has a high literacy rate. About 90 per cent of Fijians can read and write (in Australia, it is 98 per cent). However, unlike Australia, education is not compulsory in Fiji, but it is encouraged. The government pays for children to attend, school until year nine, then fees must be paid by students’ families. Most schools are run by religious or community organisations. Fiji also has the University of the South Pacific and the Fiji School of Medicine.

Most Fijians work on the land, and the main crops are sugar and coconuts. Fishing is a large part of Fiji’s agricultural sector. Gold mines also provide work and much-needed income for the country. Fiji’s most important industry is tourism, and many of Fiji’s tourists are Australian. In 1987 and 2000, military coups discouraged foreigners from visiting Fiji, which resulted in economic hardship.

Fiji’s major attractions are its natural attributes: the sea, the highlands and the islands. Most visitors to Fiji go to enjoy the beaches, with diving and snorkelling being popular pastimes. The Mamanuca group of islands, off the west coast of Viti Levu, have some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. The Abaca Cultural and Recreational Park, north-east of Nadi, contains waterfalls, rainforests and walking tracks that guide visitors through unimaginable beauty.

In 2000, George Spejght, an indigenous Fijian, led a coup against the Fijian Government. Speight and his followers kept Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and other Politicians captive for more than three weeks before releasing them and forming their own government. Chaudhry is of Indian Fijian descent. Speight claimed he was representing indigenous Fijians who did not want Indian Fijians to have political rights. Speight was arrested, and power was given to a newly elected president.

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Mexico Vacation Deals

When looking for the perfect vacation for yourself or an invited guest, one thing to take into consideration is your interest or the interests of your guest. With Mexico vacation deals, you know that they are right for you when you love fishing, beaches and beach activities, nature or ancient ruins such as the Meso-American ruins. Many people enjoy traveling to Mexico by boat so that they are able to fish while others enjoy flying by plane so that they have more time to enjoy in the actually cities and rural areas.

Mexico vacation deals some of the time include deals on hotels that are by the water or have easy access to water due to the well known beached of Mexico. Many people come from all over the world to see these beautiful beaches and all of the other tourist attractions that Mexico has to offer. With Mexico vacation deals you are able to plan a one-person getaway for only yourself or multi person getaway for yourself and friends or your family and loved ones. When looking for a Mexico vacation deals try to find something that fits the interest of everyone who is traveling with you so that no one will feel left out and everyone can enjoy themselves to their fullest.

For instance, some of the beach resorts also feature children oriented activities or activities for teens along with possible daycares so that you and the ones nearest you can do other activities. The beach is a relaxing place for any age and any gender so taking your family to the beaches of Mexico is sure to help them to be entertained. With even simple beach activities such as surfing, swimming or sand castles providing so much entertainment for many people you may not even need to participate in one of the many activities that Mexico has to offer.

Also, remember that when getting your Mexico vacation deals you will want to know ahead of time how many people you will have and how many rooms you may need to accommodate them. Mexico is the perfect place for the getaway of your choice.

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Best Time Share Deals – How To Get Them

If you want to go in for time share property, searching for the best deal is a key to be free from pain caused by travel planning.

Time share deals assure security by doing away with financial troubles because the vacation becomes prepaid before traveling.

Such a deal allows you to get on lease, a vacation in a time share resort which you like. It makes you enjoy the amenities provided at your favorite vacation spot which you would prefer to visit again more conveniently.

You can scout for the tools necessary to expand your opportunities regarding time share deals at a click of your mouse button. You can explore the internet to arrive at the best time share deals. As the industry trading time share and renting has grown phenomenally, there are a number of web sites that deal with the opportunities available in time share dealings

Benefits of the proper time share deal

Time sharing is a way of paying for your vacation in advance. The ownership or hire of a resort for the whole of a year can prove costly compared to the price paid under timeshare deals. This is the main factor that makes people support this industry. Time share also allows you to own a property during a specific period of year.

Some of the other benefits that accrue on buying time shares deals are you can spend your vacation in a resort of your liking. Many resorts across the world offer time share deals. As much as 5000 time share resorts provide such deals in ninety countries across the world.

You will be given treatment like an owner even if you buy a property through time share deals. This will cost you less when compared to the price paid if you rent the same property. Condominiums, which is the most common time sharing unit, comprises bedrooms and other amenities like kitchen with home appliances like fridge, iron, washing machines, televisions, DVD and CD players.

Under any time share deal, the size of the condo units is so big that they permit you to bring together your friends and family. Its setting allows a minimum of 10 people to sleep.

Time share deals include condominiums that come with kitchens. This enables cooking your food at home even while on vacations thus saving up to $100 per day. If you want to relax completely and enjoy your vacation of your dreams, time share resorts provide you with personal chefs who attend to you in your unit. This service, if required can be availed by making an additional payment.

Time shares deals like these are one-time deals which can be sold to or exchanged with other investors. You are always free to choose the feasible time to sell time shares property you have invested in, to someone else. It is worth mentioning that time share resorts do not assure any money back. Therefore it is always advised to sell or exchange the share for a new property.

If you are eager to take a decision, note that today there are about 4.5 millions of time share deeds owners across the world who have acquired time share deals and enjoy its benefits. It is the fastest growing industry in the world as well as the same in travel industry during the last decade.

Time shares deals are proffered by big companies. Some of them are leading companies like Marriott, Hilton, Disney, star wood and Four seasons have offered many time shares deals to various investors.

Consumer legislation supports your legal rights, obligations and responsibilities in almost 50 of the states in the US. The laws that are followed by the country ensure absolute protection to time share dealings and ownership.

These deals are based on your choice of resort, exchange season, time of vacation, type of units, number of bathrooms, bedrooms and usage of the services. The price being paid for acquiring or disposing time share properties are also influenced by a number of factors. In case of intervention by real estate companies, the professional fees that you will be paying will be based on the company’s discretion.

Once your time share has been closed, you have all rights and benefits to celebrate your vacation in the place of your choice.

Irrespective of whether you wish to visit the sunny Caribbean beaches or the powder packed slopes in the Swiss mountains, time share deals come in handy and ensure that you enjoy your dream vacations without much worry about your financial status. Start making decisions regarding the vacation spot and time immediately. Deals on time shares are to cater to your traveling needs.

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Ideas for a Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Beach destinations remain the preferred decisions for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Honeymoons are the most romantic holiday and just about any chosen destination can turn into a romantic escape for the newlyweds. The following are only a couple of various romantic honeymoon destination ideas.

Any of the Hawaiian Islands are always a good honeymoon choice. If you decide to do a little island hopping and visit many islands, or spend your complete honeymoon on one island, you are certain to enjoy this highly romantic destination. The spotless beaches and warm, sparkling blue water are just a couple of the advantages of honeymooning in Hawaii. Hawaii also has a culture of its own and offers its guests the sense of being in a foreign land.

While it is dearer than most other popular locations, Bora Bora is another truly romantic honeymoon destination that is worth the cost. It is an out of the way location that is not frequented by many visitors unlike other popular honeymoon destinations. The relative serenity of the islands creates an atmosphere that is wonderful for relaxing with your new partner.

Though the majestic mountain ranges and availability of comfy cabins in the woods make Colorado a romantic getaway location, it is truly famous for its abundance of winter sports. Selecting to spend your honeymoon in Colorado affords a couple the romantic destination that also has a selection of exciting activities available.

Las Vegas may also be a romantic honeymoon destination. While it is understood as “Sin City,” and is feted for its ostentatious glamour and betting, Las Vegas may also be a romantic location for a couple enjoying their first few happy days of wedding. The area offers a lot of wonderfully designated hotel rooms in a number of styles. This variety makes certain that there is an attraction for every couple in Las Vegas.

European locations like England, Spain and Italy are also favored romantic honeymoon destinations. The conventions and culture that surround these countries make them unique in giving a couple the opportunity to surround themselves with historical attractions. Also, if the couple does not speak the local language, it gives them the feeling of being all alone even in a crowded place, which lends itself fantastically to the romantic atmosphere.

Mexico is another romantic getaway. The Riviera Maya offers lovebirds a multitude of pretty beaches that are comparatively empty compared to the crowds found in other areas of Mexico like Cancun. Plenty of the resorts in the Riviera Maya are all-inclusive and some even offer room service free.

Though it is more popular as a place for fun and adventure, Florida may also be a romantic honeymoon destination. Florida offers a collection of entertainment options from beaches to theme parks and dives. Enjoying a day of rides and attractions at a theme park is a brilliant way for newlyweds to grow closer together. Newlyweds are certain to find everything that they are searching for in Florida.

Costa Rica is another romantic honeymoon locale that offers couples more than just pretty beaches and sparkling waters. Costa Rica is a brilliant choice for couples looking for both love and journey on their honeymoon. Here you can spend your days canoeing, white water rafting or scuba diving in some of the prettiest waters around.

New York City is another romantic destination for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. There is so much to see and do in the city, such that a couple could find themselves wanting to come back for their first anniversary. New York City offers a number of classy eateries, an intensive theater district and one of the finest locations on the planet for folks watching.

Caneel Bay in the US Virgin Islands is another beach location that may be a romantic place to honeymoon. Caneel Bay offers a beautiful setting that is unparalleled in its beauty. This quaint location is the best place for newlyweds to chill in the sun and enjoy each others’ company.

Though beach locations are just some of the most well liked honeymoon destinations, there are other preferred choices for a romantic getaway. Colorado, Las Vegas, Europe and the Big Apple are only a couple of the other favored destinations that are great for enjoying a romantic honeymoon while offering something unusual and additional.

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Last Minute Caribbean Travel Deals

If you’ve ever tried to reserve a Caribbean travel deal but have found that it’s already full, chances are you’ve tried to do it last minute. For the best deals and choices, do the best you can to book your vacation well ahead of time to make sure that your vacation is everything you want. However, if it’s a must to book at the last minute, here are some tips to help you get what you want.

Of course, you have to consider many factors when you book your business travel, among them budget and perhaps time constraints, if you need to have your vacation occur on specific days. However, you do have choices if you simply can’t book your trip ahead of time.

Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino

The Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino offers the breathtaking beauty of the Dutch Caribbean, including an awe-inspiring beach, magnificent casino, and outdoor pleasures galore. Aruba’s Palm Beach has soft white sands with carefully cultivated, lushly tropical gardens nearby. With their 2007 deals, you should be able to find something for your budget even if you’re pressed for time.

The Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino has comfortable rooms boasting satellite television, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows so that you can enjoy the view from indoors, and a private balcony with an indescribable view. Even last-minute vacationers can enjoy sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and golf here. Should you choose, you can take a refreshing swim in the ocean or in the marvelous seaside pool next to it.

The Wyndham Aruba Beach Resort & Casino offers a Spring Sale, with rooms going for $634 per person doubly occupancy, plus a $100 food and beverage credit for five nights or more.

Hotel Riu Paradise Island

The Hotel Riu can be found on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and is another choice for the rushed traveler who can only make travel plans at the last minute. This last minute Caribbean travel resort has indescribable building facilities, including the “Colony” lobby bar, “Calypso” lounge bar with terrace, and “Atlantic” Restaurant, which includes a non-smoking section and the terrace. It also boasts a myriad of other facilities, including a 300 meter swimming pool with adjoining Jacuzzi, and convenient lounge chairs, towels, and umbrellas.

The Hotel Riu has 379 guestrooms to choose from, and their last minute Caribbean travel bargains start at $521 per person double occupancy. However, if this is your choice, book now. This last minute Caribbean travel discount only runs from April through June. Notably, all bookings must be made by March.

The Fairmont Southampton – Bermuda

The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda has, as with most places in the Caribbean, unimaginably beautiful tropical gardens. However, here, in addition to spectacular blue waters and incredible sunsets, you also get beautiful and unusual pink sand beaches. Welcome to Bermuda. The Fairmont Southampton hosts its guests on the island’s highest point and provides views of unsurpassed beauty. Its old world British charm complements Bermuda’s new spirit beautifully, offering the perfect getaway for the last minute traveler.

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Anybody have pictures of standard rooms in the Caribbean or French Village rooms at Beaches Turks & Caicos?

We will be booking a room and I can’t find any pictures of the "regular" rooms. All I see are pictures of the more expensive suites. I’m trying to decide between the Caribbean Village room and the French Village room. And what does the pull out bed look like?

The smallest and cheapest room in the French Village is the Luxury Room. You can find all the rooms in the French Village with pictures at this link:

The picture shows a king size bed with a trundle/daybed, but you can also get two queen beds. One room has a walkout (porch/balcony), while the other just has windows, that you can open. The room with the walkout is on the ground level, while the rooms with the windows are on the second and third levels. The other rooms available in the French Village are one, two, and three bedroom suites. But those can get a little pricey.

The Caribbean Village has more of a regular room. There is the turquoise deluxe room which is the smallest and cheapest. To see pictures of this room and the other rooms in the Carri bean Village check out this link:

The Carri bean Village has the smallest and cheapest rooms in the entire resort. If you are looking to not spend lots of money these are great. The deluxe room either has two queen-sized beds and a sleeper chair, or a king-size bed with a pull-out sofa. The pull-out sofa looks like any other pull-out sofa , except it is a little nicer. It pulls out of the ‘seat’ of the couch and converts into a double bed. These are located on the first floor and do not offer ocean views. If you want an ocean view you are going to have to stay in one of the larger suites.

You will have an amazing time no matter which room you stay in! However, if you are looking to not spend tons of money pick the room in the Carri bean Village. It is cheaper and you don’t spend that much time in your room anyway. All you do is sleep and get ready in their so it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Trust me, I’ve already made the mistake getting a large suite room and spending lots of money, only to realize that we only slept in our room! It was as big and costly mistake and I would never want anyone else to make the same mistake! Beaches is so much fun and you will want to go back again and again! Hope this helps make your decision easier and clearer!! :)

Great Tourist Destinations in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, the state capital city of Southern Australia, has lots of interesting attractions to offer to its tourists. Anything, from its classical art galleries, museums, natural parks and garden, pristine beaches and great restaurants, name it. Adelaide has all of these outstanding features which made this Australian city an ideal holiday destination for all types of travelers. Listed below are some of its great places and activities that you can do when you take a vacation in Adelaide.

Natural Parks and Gardens

When it comes to natural parks and gardens, Adelaide is always be one of the bests. With its unique gardens that have many exotic and native plants, your eyes will surely become amazed to see them. One of its best loved gardens is the famous Adelaide Botanic Gardens, a 16 hectare open area, that features Victoria Palm House and the Bicentennial Conservatory. This is perfect place to visit if you want to have a quiet and relaxing ambiance.

Art Galleries and Museums

This city also takes pride to its famous historical art galleries and museums. One of its great museums is the South Australian Museum which is located on North Terrence. It has lots of great exhibits like Aboriginal and Pacific artifacts, an Ancient Egypt section and other famous collection of fossils. This is the reason why it’s considered as a home to the largest collection of indigenous Australian artifacts in the world.

Pristine Beach

Adelaide is also lined with pristine beaches that are perfect spots for most tourists who want to spend their holiday vacation in this city. One of its great beaches is Glenelg Beach, a popular tourist spot which is a short drive away that will only take a few minutes from its central business district. This long white sandy beach offers you a quite and peaceful ambiance despite of being hustle and bustle of this city. Along its sandy shore also beckons visitors to linger and soak up the water sun.

Glenelg Beach also offers a plenty of adventure sports to do such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and diving for those tourists who are looking for some escapade activities. Apart from this, it also becomes a favorite tourist destination because of having nice and affordable accommodations to choose from including hotels, apartments and hostels.

Great Cafes, Restaurants and Shops

You could also go on an eating spree in Adelaide because this city has also a remarkable number of exquisite restaurants which have varieties of great and innovative cuisines to choose from including authentic sea foods and other international dishes.

When you get tired of sun bathing or swimming, take a coffee or lunch at some of Adelaide’s great cafes which also give you some scenic views of the beach.

So what more can you ask for? Secure now your Australian Tourist Visa or Australia ETA Visa at Australian Immigration site to start your journey exploring and discovering Adelaide’s superb tourist attractions. Don’t forget also to book for your flight and hotel accommodation. It’s really best to plan well these important things to have a joyful and memorable vacation in Adelaide.

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